Why you should learn MATHS ?

According to many surveys Maths Is the most hated subject by students; maybe because they find Maths complicated and boring. Number crunching, innovative thinking, scientific skills, Financial knowledge are some of the skills that are a part to master this subject.
Maths is never simple. But once you master it- no one can stop you from cracking the toughest problems!
Maths was developed by man Basically for trade purposes. To give a numerical value to the weight of substances like grains or to measure volume of oils,etc. The subject then became more and more complex with years and has reached where it is today. Scientists still claim that all the Maths we know today is incomplete. Theres more to explore in this subject.
Maths is needed almost everyday- you count money, check your weight, etc. Hence students happily say what is the need to study complex Algebra and geometry if it has no application in Real life.
However little do they know is that all the technology and other surroundings they see today is impossble without Maths.
Lets start with the house in which you live. It is designed by an architect. The architect uses Maths to estimate the dimensions and volume of your house.
The Engineers use Maths to build your house. The Pillars that support your home- their strength and other factors.
The mobile phones and Computers you use. They use Maths in almost every function they perform. Infact they are designed using Maths.
The Stars in the sky are studied by Astronauts. They use Maths to study their sizes and distances (trigonometry ).
To state in simpler manner
Without maths there are no laws or formulae and hence no Science and no banking or commerce.
Maths is used in banks(use accounting maths), hospitals(use math calculations to estimate biological chemicals), construction(to draw a blue print and then estimating the strength of pillars and load on the object to be constructed ), film industries( they use probablity to estimate profit/losses) , actuaries, Engineers,  etc.
So next time before questioning the Ability of Maths.. remember that Maths governs your life.
Never underestimate MATHS

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