Finding life beyond Earth

According to scientists, the observable universe has about 100 to the power 11 (10^22) stars. This means that, if each star has a planet system around it and average 5 planets per star, that makes 5 x 10^22 planets. Even if we consider the smallest % of planets to contain life, we’ll still get a large number of planets that support life. Clearly,the universe is so large and earth cannot be the only one to support life!

The Fermi paradox is an interesting paradox regarding extraterrestrial life. Do read on the wikipedia about it.

As we know, till date no extraterrestrial life has invaded earth. This proves the fact that there’s no planet with a very well developed and highly intelligent species that might know how to travel through wormholes.

So are we the most modern?

There’s a possibility that they missed out our planet or, they are very very far or , their spaceship was destroyed in an accident before reaching us.

Scientists estimate that each grain of sand on the Earth if considered to be part of Universe, has about 1000 earth like planets!!

So is the life on other planets yet in the beginning stage or an intelligent species like man has not been evolved there yet?

Well just like the image shows how earth looks from saturn (image by NASA)

Don’t you think it is very difficult to locate it in such a large Universe?

Well , some other possibilities are that-
The extra intelligent life visited our planet at the time when humans weren’t born, but if that’s the case then, why didn’t they start a civilisation here?

Also, what if they aren’t foolish like us to send signals to other planets so that we go and colonise their planet and resources.

What if they send signals but our technology is not smart enough to detect them?

Well this is a topic of debate. Hope we find extraterrestrial life soon in the future.

Scientists say even if we find the simplest micro-organisms outside the Earth in our solar system, the chances of extraterrestrial life outside earth will rise by a high probability.

Some habitable zones possibly in the solar system are-

Some moons of jupiter

Read about this Here
Some moons of saturn
Read about this Here 

Jupiter and saturn due to high gravitational pull draw friction between its moons and compensate the coldness on moons due to distance from sun.

NASA is making tremendous efforts to find life in the solar system. Hope we succeed.

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