What are the most amazing facts about black holes? Read Here

Here are few facts:

  • Albert Einstein only revived the theory of black holes in 1916. Long before that in 1783, a scientist named John Mitchell actually developed the theory after he wondered whether a gravitational force could be so strong that even light particles couldn’t escape it.
  • Black holes are not black, they are colorless.

  • Super massive Black holes are found at the center of almost all galaxy(Even milkyway galaxy has one).This binds all the stars moving around the center together.
  • They are invisible. REASON: Even light cannot escape through its gravity
  • Every object can be made into black hole when it is compressed to size having radius known as Schwarzschild radius.

  • For earth to be made into blackhole it should be compressed to size of bullet(Schwarzschild radius).
  • If you get near event horizon you would move with the speed of light, thus your time will almost stop moving.
  • You will die due to wrath of high gravity,but there is no reason to worry it would be fast relative to your time but too slow to rest of the universe.Till that time earth would have died.
  • Even light cannot escape from such huge gravity, thus if you get near event horizon you can se your reflection.
  • When you get near singularity its tidal force would increase your length like noodles and this effect is called spaghettification.
  • Black hole evaporates over time. But it would take almost millions of years.

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