1000 years from today…. will technology dominate?

Life has a new meaning now, as compared to what it had several years ago. Social networks, online communication, calls, roboservants, automatic washing machines, dishwashers, etc. Technology is taking away all the major activities that humans do in its hand… So whats next? Will technology ever replace the function of brain in humans???

According to a prediction, it is not too far when the technology will succeed over humans… with the current rate of progress in science and communication, it is possible that one day, computer will be able to think equal to or more than a human brain.. It is possible that one day robots will have feelings (current research of robots having feelings is in full swing!) And along with such qualities-that is, a fast, very intelligent brain that never gets tired or needs sleep, that can feel, that can work without food.. it is possible that robots can surpass humans or even sweep the human population from Earth…
Many scientific projects in various parts of world that focus on robots and their functions are being held. Nano-Robots may be the new immune system warriors in humans… when robots reach a high human capability, as mentioned in the previous part, is it safe to allow robots to enter inside our body with a guarantee that they may only function as commanded? Also talking about robo-soldiers or robo cops-are they trustworthy enough??? What if they plan among themselves to sweep out humans from this planet…??
Taking into consideration the todays rate of techno-growth, it seems true but doubtful too that will the robos really do something apart from what commanded or what they are programmed for?
If yes… then we should be fully prepared for this robo-apocalypse and then carelessly do the needy development in the field of robots.. Because, as they say- Prevention is better.. always!

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