If Newton wouldn’t have taken a birth- What would happen?

Issac Newton is one of the most revolutionary scientists that Mankind has ever experienced. Newton has made many significant contributions in subjects like Astronomy, Physics, Optics, Maths and many other. If you are a science student, no day of yours might pass without remembering Newton. This is the reason why many people curse Newton and sometimes wish what if he was never born. There would have been less stress that a student might have to go through!
However, little do they know about the consequences of what would have happened if Newton wouldn’t have taken a birth on Earth!
Newton was one of the very early scientists who explained the theory of gravitation and put it on a paper in the form of the law of gravitation that states how the gravitational force between two bodies is proportional to the Product of their masses and inversely to the square of distance between them. This simple law was found to be revolutionary in the field of astronomy!
The Law was studied in detail and was applied to real planet systems. With certain modifications and better understanding of this force and combining results of other laws, we could find masses of stars and planets. Satellites were launched not only around Earth but even around other planets like Mars. It can be said that Newton brought about a revolution in the field of astronomy.
Apart from Gravity, Newton is also known for his research in Fluid dynamics for his first kind of attempt to formulate the law of viscosity. He defined the term viscosity which now has many important applications in Chemical industries in manufacturing of plastics and other widely used polymers.
He defined the term Force, and defined the most basic three laws of Force that form the basis of Mechanics. Mechanics as we know has high applications in All moving machines like cars, motors, aeroplanes and rockets.
Newton has made a significant contribution in Mathematics. Not only did he work on calculus but also proposed many numerical methods for solution of Equations. He has also contributed in differential mathematics and integral mathematics too.
Newton also worked on Optics.Newton is one of the most important scientists that has ever born. Without his attempts there would have been very less information about many subjects that form the major part of human life today.
We all should take a moment and appreciate and respect such a great scientist that was gifted to the Earth.

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  1. Not tolessen the import of this article, it would seem someone who speaks proper English should have edited the story. The grammar is pretty bad, words sometimes poorly chosen, and overall the sttory is poorly organized and even researched. Did a high school freshman write this?

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