Humans vs aliens – who will win the war?

There has always been a big debate on the existence of alien life outside the Earth. There is almost a very high probability according to theory that the Alien life exists. However, there have been no particular observations as per space research organisations that have been reported publicly. Many believe that big space organisations have already observed and even captured life that doesn’t belong to Earth, however these stories have been denied by them and rather seem fake and more like rumours. Continuous efforts are made by the Astronomers to find even the slightest sign of life in the Universe. According to a theory that states that life on Earth has arrived due to an asteroid that hit Earth millions of years ago. That, the asteroid had living organisms that were transferred to Earth and after many evolutions and other challenges has managed to survive on this planet. If this theory is true, it means that there maybe life elsewhere in the solar system. In the future, the scientists believe that, the alien life will be found and confirmed!
Suppose on one fine day many years in the future.. Man finds life outside Earth. The biggest fear to help Aliens know our location is their conquering of our planet to meet their resource need just like one fine day we may need to find a new sustainable planet when the end of Earth may be close (you know how many problems the Earth is facing! )
The age of the universe is approx 13.8 billion years and that of Earth is 4.5 billion years. So there are two chances.. that the life, maybe first , formed in some other part of the universe before that on the Earth(maybe 10 to 12 billion or 7 to 8 billion years ago) or that, the life formed on Earth first and later on other planets (like a few millions year ago..)
. If the aliens we meet belong to the first category (10 billion years ago) assuming that the evolution and progress rate made by them is similar to that on Earth then the current life living there will be much more intelligent and developed and stronger than us and that if they reach our planet can destroy the life here and try to conquer our planet. The human life here can be successful in this fight if we act smartly. If we locate the planet in our galaxy that shows signs of life, we can determine the age of their planet system by using measurements of luminosity of the star in the system. If the star is old enough much more older than the sun, we need to make a good plan. The Astronomers and scientists can come together and create a well planned mission to their planet. Weapons and ammunitions to fight them. Our aim is to not to fight with the aliens but to have a peaceful meeting with them and observe and appreciate the universe and that life exists outside either of our planets. However in the worse case we must not fail and should be ready. The spaceship we need should be speed and designed such that they do not notice us moving towards their planet. It can be designed complete black or other techniques that make it fade in space. The landing spot on their planet should be in a lonely place and can be decided by the astronauts when they reach in proximity of the planet.
If the life found is new and no intelligent life is found to exist on it.. the challenge may not be so difficult. So we can observe the life and conditions on the planet peacefully and with no fear.
The war is going to be strong and a challenge. However it remains a debate- who will win?? Humans that are well planned and well equipped or the highly intelligent life that might have to fight a surprise war???

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